Twelve Dancing Princesses

I made this cut-out box in response to Christina Collins‘ version of the tale ‘The Twelve Dancing Princesses’. In her version, the sisters are wily and bold, taking what they want and re-writing the rules of the anonymous fairytale damsel. This work will soon be on display as part of the Shadowplay Exhibition at The Point, Eastleigh.

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Neo: Printprize

Two of my etchings from the 2010 series The Half Remembered Memoirs of a Wayward Brother have been shortlisted for the Neo: Printprize 2012. If they are selected they will be displayed as part of the exhibition from 13th September at Neo:Gallery22 in Bolton. The rest of the images from this series can be viewed on their own page here.

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Handmade Fair

Come to Falmouth’s own Handmade Fair featuring some extraordinary craftspeople, including several tremendously talented illustrators! Bag yourself a treat at the WI from 10am today until 5pm Saturday.

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Work in Progress

I’ve been working on a portfolio project creating illustrations for Alan Garner’s The Owl Service. It is a children’s book in which the decorative pattern on a crockery set is a tool to bind a powerful mythological figure. Inspiration for writing the novel came from a real pattern seen on a dinner dervice, designed be Christopher Dresser, which seems to represent owls or flowers. I’ve been picking out aspects of the original pattern to create two new patterns which are decisively flowers or owls and using them as backgrounds for silhouetted figures and scenes from the story.

More to come…

BlodeuweddGronw Speared

The pattern assembled as an owl.

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